About Me

Game Developer with a strong passion for Music for Videogames.
Working at Socialpoint as Senior Game Developer creating vibrant mobile games for Android/iOS in Unity.
Studied a Videogames Development Bachelor's Degree at ENTI-UB Barcelona.
Clean code game programmer with a strong obsession with SOLID and flexible code architectures based on strong design patterns.
Technical Sound Designer and creator of immersive music soundtracks for games like CONCRETE using FMOD.
Pianist on a Jazz/Blues quintet and composer of experimental ambient projects self-produced using Cubase and FMOD.

Personal Traits

Game Programmer Meaningful Games Audio Programmer Music Composer Pianist Blockchain Enthusiast Fantasy Books Devourer Martial Artist Dungeons & Dragons Player


Web Hero

Game programmer, ADS integration and level creator for Web Hero at Bliss Games. Published on both iOS and Android.


Experimental puzzle game developed using Unity and HDRP in conjunction with FMOD to create an immersive experience.

Immersive Music and Sound for CONCRETE

Technical Sound Designer and composer on FMOD Project with reactive 3D Spatialzed soundtracks composed and produced using Logic Pro X.


Vertical slice of a 3rd person adventure game developed using Unreal Engine 4 and Blueprints as a university project. Worked on data persistence, gameplay programming and camera system.

Fluids and Buoyancy Simulation

Fluid Physics simulation developed using C++ and SDL/OpenGL.

Cell Shading and Outline Rendering

Mesh rendering, cell and outline shading sample using C++ and SDL/OpenGL.

Inverse Kinematics Simple Solver

Simple Inverse Kinematics system developed with C# and Unity.

Pathfinding AI Algorithms Implementation

Implementation of several pathfinding algorithms applied to a custom AI using C++ and SDL.

The Legend of Zelda Remake

Remake of the first The Legend of Zelda using Phaser.js library with HTML5 and Javascript.

Entity Component System using OpenGL and C++

Proof of concept of a dynamic entity component system (similar to how Unity works) but using C++ and OpenGL only.

ASM Snake Game

Snake game fully programmed using ASM (Assembly language) as a way to gain a deeper undestanding of it.


Technical Skills

SOLID Design Patterns Clean Code Git GitFlow

Soft Skills

Autodidact Fast Learning Creative Problem Solver Team Player Clear Communicator

Programming Languages

C C++ C# JavaScript

IDEs & Game Engines

Rider Visual Studio Unity Unreal Engine

DAWs & Audio Engines

Cubase Logic Pro Ableton Live Reaper FMOD Wwise JUCE

3D Modeling

Blender 3D Studio Max Autodesk Maya


Senior Game Developer

Socialpoint (Mar 2023 - Present)

Working on Top Troops (for both iOS and Android) using Unity on a big full-fledged team.

Unity Game Programmer

Bliss Games (Sep 2020 - Mar 2023)

Fast prototyping and developing hyper-casual games for Android and iOS platforms. Autonomous decision-making in terms of code implementation and execution of tasks with specifics goals in mind.

Extensive use of Unity Addressables and Asset Bundles along with domain of SQL databases to save / read game data. Also, experience with solid use of Scriptable Objects as data repositories in substitution to conventional databases.

Deep use and experience on analytics, monetisation and IAP solutions for mobile using Game Analytics and Firebase Crashliytics mainly. Also worked on WEB3 application use cases with Blockchain technologies, using SDKs such as Stardust and Venly.

Junior Unity Developer

Labs4Reality (Jan 2018 - Oct 2019)

Developing AR applications with Unity and C# in a cohesive team using agile methodologies. Extensive use and knowledge of Vuforia SDK to generate AR image markers and 3D markers.


Modern Piano and Harmony

Taller de M├║sics, Barcelona (2020 - Now)

University Degree in Game Development

ENTI-UB, Barcelona (2015 - 2020)

HND in Creative Media Production

CEV, Barcelona (2013 - 2015)


Feel free to contact me through email or my social accounts!